Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Opening day blues...

I checked the weather forecast for Thursday, it is to be wet and windy, strong winds from the west.....That has put an end to any ideas about travelling over to Lough Corrib for the opening day. I have gone every year for years, but after last year (conditions similar) I realise it is too much of a trip just for the sake of going out when conditions are bad. It works out quite expensive too by the time deisel, boat hire, incidentals (meals etc.) are all taken into account, so to spend the money and 7 or 8 hours return journey driving just to get onto the lough and hide in shelter for the day is just not feasible anymore.....Old age catching up on us! realistically though it will be better if we go later in the year when fishing is more comfortable and more productive.
I am busy on friday with meetings too, and down in Wexford all weekend so the long drive and back would have been felt by Monday.. ...it is probably for the best.
.....I might pop out for a few hours on Thursday anyway, to one of the Rainbow fisheries close to home.

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