Friday, March 02, 2007

The Trout season is open again

I fished the Upper reaches of the river Liffey today....the season opened yesterday, but I was busy and did not get out. I did manage today though, and the weather decided to make life cold and wet. Heavy rain, cold winds, not condusive to an enjoyable day. I did enjoy it though managing to catch nine fish to 14 inches. I missed others, but I think they were small fish. I caught them on spider patterns, fished quite deep using a small bead-headed nymph on the point to pull the flies down.
It was nice to catch a few fish.
I am ready to go back to work now though, and wait for more clement weather.
I have a painting done of the pond in marlay again, I captured the wet grey day quite well. I painted it in oils, it was nice to get back to them again after using the acrylics..

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