Monday, December 19, 2005

Still working, (or maybe not)

I have repainted the sky area...

I may yet put more definition in the sky, the hinted cloud may need to be strenghened....
I am not happy with the photo though, it is losing some of the definition of the original, noteably in the loss of the secondary hill line in the distance. I purposly left the 2nd hills the same tone as the front line but altered the colour/hue, this is getting lost in the photos but in fact creates a nice vibration within the painting, similar to that on the extreme right of the horizon.
I managed to pick it up in this earlier photo (detail)

but it actually appears less prominent than this. Yesterdays photo shows the hill to a more realistic degree but I couldn't get a detailed picture of it as I changed the photo in 'paint'while experimenting last night.

This is the changed photo, note the clouds...they work well in digital 'paint'..but not so well with oil paint

I may be able to capture it better tommorrow.

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