Friday, December 09, 2005

I'm back from Florence

I have returned from the Florence Biennale, I did not stay for the full 10 days but came home earlier as Planned...I'm all cultured out! The combination of Contemporary art and the renaisscance art and architecture that pervade Florence/Firenze has me worn out!! I'll post some pics when I get them developed...yes I used cellulose not chip...
I have to say I enjoyed the experience except for problems with someone behind my 'stand' going too high and making my area look worse than a bazaar X rubbish tip, and it took two days to have it sorted even though the regulations clearly stated you can't go above the 2.5 meters.
One or two Artists were a bit upset at the lack of visitors/buyers, but to be honest I think they thought it was an Art market which it clearly was not going to be. As a meeting place for Artists from around the world it was great, Gallery owner/curator participation was a bit scarce though. All in all I feel it was slightly poor value due to a need for more advertising of the Biennale. The work on view was generally quite good, though a few poor/ lacking works were there, but I feel that will always happen in large shows like this (760+ Artists). I made a few contacts and friends from around the world though, and, I saw what Artists are seeking and doing from other cultures etc. which can only benefit my own work. I can't say I will go back again 4,000 euro in total costs (registration, shipping, flights, hotel etc.) is a bit high, but if I got full instead of partial funding I would definitely consider it.

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