Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am still working away at the commission pieces. I did find time to do a couple of small works also though, but I have two more works to do. I will try to finish them in the next week though.I am trying to get everything organised before I go away, but I have finished the main work that was needed for the end of the month. I will be busy next month with my trips because I have my fishing trip over in Galway for the opening of the trout season on the 15th, and my trip to the Van Gogh exhibition also. I know, it's a hard life... ....but someones go to do it.

I had an afternoons flyfishing for Pike yesterday, but had no luck. I am trying to get myself organised for our trip to Corrib too, I have my new fly lines loaded onto the reels. I have new spools of flourocarbon and monofilament too, I have hooks bought for tying flies, the only item I need to get now is new chest waders, as my old ones are taking in water, but they will do for the boat as wet gear, it is just a little damp fishing in rivers when wading, I think it is pin-prick holes or leaking seams. I am looking forward to starting the trout fishing again.

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