Thursday, November 24, 2005

Winter is on it's way.

The forecast is for high winds and snow showers, moving down from the North....
I don't remember snow in November for at least 10 years, we usually get a little in January but not before Christmas.
I was up North, in Co. Down again yesterday, I took a few reference photo's but it was very misty for most of the day. The misty look creates an air of mystery though so the photos might be interesting when I get them developed. The drive from Newry around the coast and between the Mourne Mts. is beautiful and I keep intending to go on the other side around by the Cooley mountains but never seem to have the time.........
I reworked part of my last two paintings in the studio today, adding a glaze to the tree line in both of them, I warmed up the woods in the view from Tara, and cooled the trees in the painting of Croagh Patrick, and decided they both worked. It is one week and counting until Florence, so I can't really do much of anything at the moment other than try to collect a few euros somewhere... The Craft fair was not worth my time & effort as usual, but I need to take part as one of the 'courtyarders' although I am not a craftworker as such and most visitors are looking for small craft items as gifts etc. it is an opportunity to promote our open studios to the public.
I am going to try and work out a few ideas over the next week so as to be ready for work when I get back from Italy, but thats another days scribble.

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