Friday, December 22, 2006

I am feeling a bit better again, I will have to go to my studio today, just to check for post though.
3 days to Christmas and loads of little jobs to do. I'm glad I didn't leave any commissions until the last minute!
I came across an old exhibition catalogue yesterday, from my first show in a public (not commercial) gallery, in 1996...ten years ago, time flies. It was a novelty to be paid to exhibit and not rely on sales to be asked back :lol: I must scan some of the illustrations in later, they were two colour reproductions....full colour was very expensive back then. I have one of those paintings left at home, all the others were sold after the, no commission, It paid for another foreign painting trip!
I am organised gift wise.....I have been for ages. Even so I have lots to do and I am not going to get out fishing before the New Year I don't think. I must be getting better, I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms from the lack of fishing.

I am just going to wish you all all the best for the Holiday season and I'll see you again (virtually that is.) in the New Year. MERRY XMAS!

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