Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It has been another day of Gales and storm force winds. It must be nearly 3 weeks of almost constant gales by now. The weather has been terrible. I found it difficult to keep the van between the lines on the road coming home with the strong gusts. I sort of weaved my way home, and, it was hard work driving.
Today I got most of my little jobs done though. I need to do a few more things tomorrow, including pick up a dehumidifier to put into my studio. I think the studio needs drying out, there is a bit of dampness, also it should help dry the paint. I also have an angling club committee meeting tomorrow evening. I am busy busy busy, without getting much's not exactly disorganised, but all the little chores stack up when you are laid up for a little while. Maybe Friday. (unless its good fishing weather)

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