Saturday, January 13, 2007

I did some shopping today. I dropped into Kennedy's on Harcourt st and bought a few canvases and some paint to keep me going. Sadly my painting was still on the wall of the exhibition, with no red stickers in sight. It looked like the exhibition had been poor sales wise all round though. This evening I booked my flights to Tunisia for the festival in September. I now have to get busy on work for the exhibition in Portugal. I will be working in the studio tomorrow...
I was busy today though. I disposed of the tree that had blown down in the garden....3 trips in the van did the job. JOBS.... It never ends, there are always things needing to be done ... interfering with work and keeping me busy.
I wouldn't mind but I'm not even fishing!

Mind you I'm off to Cork for a couple of days next permitting I might do a nights Cod fishing for a change.

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