Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Roscommon Pike

I had a good day out yesterday. Apart from the fact I took the wrong key with me and couldn't get into the cottage.........which is still in one piece. We fished Lough Skean for a couple of hours with no luck. After that we visited the cottage, looked at lough Mealagh but didn't fish it due to awkward access, tried the Boyle river, again with no success. By then it was almost 1pm, so we moved down the road to a small lake and recast our baits before boiling the Kettle for our tea.
By the time the kettle boiled I'd had two pike on the's worth being mobile when fishing. I got another fish over 10lb in the next hour but then struggled, eventually getting a jack on a spoon. I lost a fish earlier on a plug too. Noel got one fish on a spoon. Four fish was a nice result for 3 and a half hours though, and it shows the value of the van, allowing fast movement from venue to venue with rods set up and ready to go.

Today I finished off my portrait, so I am tired but happy. I am too tired to sort out a photo of it though, maybe tomorrow.....

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