Sunday, January 21, 2007

I went down to Cork for a few days. I took a wander around the lough, but saw nop carp, just two large eels and a LOT of ducks etc..A nice relaxing time was had, followed by a few hours Cod fishing on the way home, in the rain....It hasn't stopped all week!, the cod fishing was fun. I caught a few including a couple of four or five pounds which I kept for the table. (I put the others back). When the tide slackened off I was in-undated with crabs, stripping the bait in minutes so I quit and set off home early.
Yesterday I went into the studio and had another look at my portrait. It wasn't good. I have had to repaint the nose and mouth, alter the face line and do other remedial work. I don't know how I missed it earlier...I won't post a pic yet...I haven't taken one.
The weather is now improving, the high winds have dropped, the sun is out and the temperature is falling. We have had so much wind and rain since autumn it must be a record.
There hasn't been much chance of plien air painting anyway!

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