Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Another Art patron Rip-off

I had been contacted by an online 'Gallery' re selling some of my paintings. I always want to sell paintings so I contacted them in return saying I would be interested. To cut a long story short, they wanted me to do a couple of paintings and then repeat the works to order!!
How someone can represent themselves as a gallery selling ART, and then sell reproduced paintings amazes me. Whether I or someone else reproduces/knocks-off my paintings, matters not, it will devalue my work.
Aside from that if they are going to sell copies of my work they are just as likely to sell cheaply produced work from China as pay me for it.....NO THANKS!

I have spent twenty years building a reputation and a following with my Art, and I'm not about to start ripping off my patrons, old or new. My work is unique, and it means something, at least to me, I don't believe in painting to a system or formula or churning pretty pictures out 10 to the dozen. To do that I could get a job on an assembly line, or even in a commercial studio designing logos and letterheads, AND THEY PAY!

Grouch Over.

This blog is great. I can groan, gripe, and generally moan about all my woes and annoyances without being interrupted or told to cop on to myself, get a life, etc. Painting is not going well again...I can feel a days fishing coming on. Thursday sounds good. I've a few jobs to do tomorrow, form filing, check the van for oil etc. pay a few bills and I need to buy a few canvases etc. so I'll do all that.

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