Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Another Fishing Season Over.

Today was the last day of the trout fishing season. I spent the last two days on lough Ennel making the most of it. Yesterday I hooked a trout of 4 or 5 lbs and lost it through line breakage (8lb bs.) when it leapt out and cartwheeled across the surface. It had already tried nearly every dirty trick in the book! On lough Ennel you usually only get one or two chances so I ended the day Blank. Today I got my own back with a fish of 4lb 12 oz. I fished hard all day without a sign of a fish until the last hour when one fish followed my flies for about twenty feet and then turned away. Fifteen minutes later the same thing was happening, the bulge of a fish swimming near the surface appeared behind my fly and followed it for about 12 feet, so I stopped the retrieve. I spotted the pink flash as the fish opened it's mouth and tightened into it nice and solidly. Some days you're good, and other days I'm better. A difficult fish like that is worth half a dozen easy ones. To cut a long story short after 15 or 20 minutes careful play I netted the fish that behaved impeccably, (no cartwheels or other tricks) and ended my season on a good note.

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