Saturday, October 08, 2005

Of trout fishing and of painting

I spent yesterday afternoon fishing at the Maynooth rainbow fishery. I have a client coming to fish there next week (after the browntrout season closes on the 12th.).
I had a good day with over a dozen trout between 4 and about 8 pounds (2-4kg.) weight. All fell to skinny buzzers fished on a floating line. I also lost a cracker well over 10lb/5kg. All in all fishing conditions were terrible with a gusting wind reaching gale force at times, but the fishing was well worth the effort and the fish were in fine fighting condition, so much so they all needed to rest before swimming off on release.
I finished off my still life today, but I cant find my digital camera to take any photos. I think I'll have to buy a new one.....
I'm off fishing tommorrow again, another competition unless the forecasted gales appear before we head off. If we do get them I'm staying put. I'm getting too old to be out in rough conditions for a club competition. I like my fishing comfortable these days.

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