Friday, October 14, 2005

Time to paint a picture.........

I spent four of the last six days fishing! It's a hard life, but somebodies gotta do it.

Sunday: seemed fine in the morning, travelled down for the competition, wind got up, end result a HARD days fishing, no fish to show for it.
Monday: too tired after Sunday to go as planned so we didn't bother, decided to work in the studio instead.
Tues. & Wed. as stated earlier, Lough Ennel.
Thursday: Maynooth fishery with paying guest. Result Guest 1, me 6. but Hard work again!
Bright sunshine and no wind at all.... thankfully the PG. knew enough to realise the conditions made life difficult!

Friday: A day of rest! I'm off to Limerick for the weekend tomorrow with my Wife..........Now if I could find someone to act as an agent and sell my paintings life would be perfect!! as I said it's a hard life.

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