Thursday, August 03, 2006

August starts off better....

I fished the competition on Lough Owel last night. Conditions were very blustery, with a big rolling wave coming into Doolans shore. I took Noel up into the corner by the crannog, where it was quite calm with a light wave. I managed to get two fish, best just short of 1.5 lb (.675 kg). There was a better return on the competition too, 17 fish returned in total, 15 anglers catching fish compared to one fish last week. Hopefully fishing will continue to improve. I am going up to Lough Sheelin tomorrow, hopefully the fish will be moving there too, Noel could do with one, he blanked again last night but he was in good company again. I am spending time working on the house at the moment so I'm not doing any work in the studio....I'll go on saturday for a rest.....I know I'm fishing tommorrow, but I'll have a days work done before I's the middle of summer we don't go out until the evenings.

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