Monday, August 07, 2006

Lough Sheelin turns on for me.

I fished lough Sheelin yesterday, conditions were good, warm overcast (a little rain--but a little rain never hurt anyone) with a nice wet-fly wave. I fished a team of wet flies on the floating line these were a small size12 golden olive bumble, a size 12 greenpeter and a size 14 fly which I kept changing on the point. I would have changed the greenpeter but I had been told that it was the working fly, and it had risen my first fish... I moved at least a dozen and a half fish for the day, quite a few of them small though. I hooked seven trout in total, 3 of which I lost while playing them. I landed 4, between 1.25lb and 2.5lb, no big fish though. The three I lost would have been between 1.5 and 2.5lb also. A lot of fish either rolled over the top dropper or porpoised over it, great visual fishing. Those that porpoised over the fly were there when I struck, those that rolled over weren't, so I assume they were just drowning the 'fly'. That happens at times. The fish that took below the surface were just pulls, and none stuck, leaving me to assume they were not really interested in taking the fly but were nipping the tail as such since most came two or three times at the fly. Although I only ended up with four fish, it was a very pleasant day. The fact that I was constantly moving fish all day made it both interesting and rewarding, added to the fact it keeps the concentration up for when that 'monster' appears.....even though it didn't I had a great days sport. I'm looking forward to the next trip.
It's a pity Noel missed it...he is away for the weekend, I had to suffer alone...LOL.

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