Friday, August 11, 2006

Noel and I fished Sheelin yesterday, We rose about 6 or 7 fish apiece. Noel managed to hook and land one small fish. I managed one fish about 2lb late in the evening. Conditions were difficult for fishing with strong blustery winds. We had lots of rain, and overcast conditions, but the fish were still coming to golden olive bumbles on/in the surface. The fish were not interested in flies below the surface, and were more drowning those on the top rather than taking the flies. Very similar to Sunday, but with less frequency. I am sure the lake will turn on fully soon though. It is enjoyable fishing all the same because while you are seeing the fish rise you feel you are going to get them..It is much worse when you see nothing for the day..
Painting/work wise I had a trip into town today with Christine, other words I did nothing again....roll on Sept the 2nd..and Tunisia.

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