Monday, June 25, 2007

Where has time gone?
It is two weeks since I posted....shock! horror!
I have been busy with meetings, work, (and a little fishing too) and trying to organise myself for a trip to a wedding this weekend. There are 3 concerts on in Marlay this week, Aerosmith were on last friday...I didn't get into the studio Friday or saturday though, someone else is on might be the Kaiser chiefs, and the Who are playing saturday....I would have liked to see the Who, but I'll be at the wedding.

Monday, June 11, 2007

I managed a half days work today. I came home for lunch fully intending to go go back out and finish a plien-air painting I had been working on this afternoon. Alas I ended up shopping and gardening instead. Tomorrow is another day....I did get a fair bit done on my commission piece in the studio earlier though and I did start quite early this morning. I will probably make large inroads into it tomorrow too, it is going well for me and I'm happy with the progress.
Well in the last week I had two trips on Lough Owel, with no decent fish to show for it. Both days were bright sunshine and little wind. In fact on Saturday I nearly had a dose of sunstroke!
I managed 10 fish on saturday but not one measured over the 13 inch limit. I thought that by the laws of average I should have at least had one...but thats the way it goes. Obviously I didn't qualify for the National team... I am not going to be able to in the inter-pro either, it is due to be fished on September 1st. and I'll be on my way to Tunisia for the a.b.a.m. art festival, and I won't be able to fish it. The first reserve for the Leinster team is a friend of mine though, so at least he will benfit from my absence. I am looking forward to doing some painting this coming week after my lay-off due to the 'flu last week. Roll on tomorrow...

Monday, June 04, 2007

Another week gone. I spent most of last week on my sick-bed, dying with the 'flu. I am just about over it, Christine has it now though. We put some fish into the garden pond, a case of needing to, it is full of mosquito least the fish will be well fed. I must get into the studio a couple of days this week, I have to do some work on a commission. I need to get a days practice in on lough Owel too, the Nationals are on Saturday. I haven't been out in ages, and I have only fished Owel once this season so I really could do with some. Conditions on Saturday are not going to be good either, hot, sunny and little or no wind. Whatever else it might prove interesting..