Saturday, March 31, 2007

I am in dire need of a DAYS FISHING! I managed to get the flyfishing kits for the kids prizes but have done little else since my last post. I pulled a muscle and haven't been able to do much.
I hope to get to the studio tomorrow, and probably will try to organise a days fishing during the week. Lots to do, and no time to do it. I need to learn to manage my time better...I seem to be totally dis-organised, I suppose that is one of the problems of working in isolation, you try to cover everything and manage nothing.
In any event I need to try and organise a few exhibitions in the near future.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I was up in the studio today, working away doing some small studies. After the day I am tired. I have an early start in the morning, a local shop has some fly rod & reel combos for sale at 39 euro, complete with line etc. I want to buy a few of them as prizes for the kids angling competitions. Most of the Kids fish bait or spinners in the competitions it will be nice to start them off flyfishing and at under 40 euro the club can afford to give the flyfishing kits away as prizes. The downside is if I don't get up early the rods could be sold out before I get them...oh well, no lay-in in the morning. I still did not get out fishing yet...
I want to work in the studio again tomorrow. I may get an hour or two's fishing in on Friday, but I have meetings on saturday so I will get nothing done.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is back....for a while a least.

Yesterday was a lovely spring day, warm, sunny, almost balmy. Today is overcast again but the temperature is still up from last week. I am having a lazy day today, I was partying last night and as a result I don't feel very energetic.
I will probably look after my plants in the conservatory later though, they are looking a bit neglected. I am still getting new strelitzia plants germinating, and I have only lost two of those transplanted which is very good considering I am having to transplant the seedlings before they get true leaves ( I planted the seeds in shallow starter trays). Next time I will sow the seeds in paper or peat based plugs that can be put into larger pots without disturbing the seedlings. I have one strelitzia in bloom, and 6 flower stems still forming on the plant so I should have some seeds for next year too.
I have been busy painting some small studies this week. They went quite well. I should be fishing today, but I was not really fit to travel this morning, between the late night and the clocks going forward last night. I would probably have failed a breathalyzer test if I had driven so I erred on the side of caution.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It has got a bit milder today, but that is the only upside. It is grey and damp now.
I haven't been able to get the studio yet today, and as it is 4.40pm I will not get there now. It has been one of those days, little errands cropping up, go to do one and end up with another......I have to get some art supplies too, but I will leave that until the morning now also. I think I will have a lazy evening, I am tired now. I will finish posting here, check my emails and then settle down in front of the TV to while away the evening. I will have to go out with the dog later but apart from that I don't intend to be very energetic. I'm off to make a cup of tea....

Monday, March 19, 2007

Winter bites back.

So much for the spring warmth....we have had snow for the last two days.
The St.Patricks day festival fireworks had to be cancelled due to the high winds, as were ferry sailings. It is freezing cold.
Bah! Humbug....

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring time is here...

Another week gone by, time is flying.
Tuesday's fishing was a bit disapointing....very disapointing in fact, we fished Blessington/Poulaphouca reservoir. There was not a sign of a trout. We did a bit of trolling for Pike too, but with no success.
I have not really done much painting in my studio, It really needed tidying up so I got stuck in to that. I was watching the rugby yesterday, the Irish team threw away the championship, that after throwing away the French match for the grand-slam earlier, it is a pity as the team were probably the best of the championships. Ireland beat Pakistan in the Cricket yesterday!!!
miracles do happen! but the team played well to get the win, not bad for the minnows of the competition.

I am feeling guilty for not doing any work, so I will probably be in the studio today. I need to keep working to keep the momentum up. Hopefully it will be a productive day.

I am looking out of the window at trees in blossom,Forsythia, cherry, acacia and magnolias. while in my ear the birds are singing away...spring is definitely here...I hope the warmth comes with it soon.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I have been busy enough in my studio, I have packed my painting ready to ship to the exhibition in Museu da Chapelaria, S. Joao De Madiera, Portugal. I will be shipping it off later. I have discovered that one inch thick aeroboard sheeting they pack around appliances such as washing machines and fridges is excellent for packing up canvases....and free to collect from electrical shops...

The weather has improved slightly, I hope it warms up soon though, I am really looking forward to travelling and painting around the country. Perversely this also makes painting other art difficult because your mindset is looking in other areas.. I have met with the local authorities arts officer, with a view to organising an international artist exchange programme based around Marlay Park, it may take quite a while, some things move slowly....

I am about to head off to the studio to do some more work now, I have sent some paintings off this morning, hopefully they will sell well and the gallery will be looking for more. I need to keep things ticking over as I am not looking for a Solo show until next year, and earning an income tends to help when trying to pay bills... I need a rich Patron or a few sales, I think the sales are the more likely to happen. I want to finish off a piece this afternoon as I intend going fishing's been a while since I have been.....

Monday, March 05, 2007

I still cant read blogspot blogs but here's hoping everyone else can

Blogspot still has issues with access for some areas.........hopefully not for much longer and I know my posts are loading.

I have been busy working in my studio, I have a painting almost finished and another progressing nicely. I am finding it easier to work at the moment, my creative juices are flowing and the work is going well. The switch back to oil paints has helped too. I love the feel of them although the drying time is a drag sometimes. I have photos taken but I have not uploaded them into my computor and I'm using a notebook at the moment with no programme to take the photo from my phone. I will show them later. I will be in the studio again tomorrow....I can't wait to get back to the painting I am working on at the moment, hopefully it will continue to go well. I may start another in the afternoon, if the other two are unworkable, but I have to organise myself for a meeting on wednesday morning, so I may not get the time.
It is great to find the works progressing easily (relatively) again. I have been struggling for such a long while...I am due a few easy ones I think..I am hoping it continues for a while, and, I am still happy with them next week...:lol:

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I hope this is uploading..

I have problems viewing any blogs on Blogger/ so I am just hoping that this and my last post are visible to others. I have been up in the studio painting away yesterday but I have had a lazy day today....nothing but TV and couch. The weather is atrocious again today, there was a fishing competition but that was cancelled due to weather conditions.....and that was from a bank not a boat!! I think this must be the wettest windiest year yet..

I need to go out to look at a commission, but getting weather conditions for it is proving difficult...hopefully it will improve soon and with a little luck it will be a good spring and summer. I really want to get some plien air studies done around the country this year.

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Trout season is open again

I fished the Upper reaches of the river Liffey today....the season opened yesterday, but I was busy and did not get out. I did manage today though, and the weather decided to make life cold and wet. Heavy rain, cold winds, not condusive to an enjoyable day. I did enjoy it though managing to catch nine fish to 14 inches. I missed others, but I think they were small fish. I caught them on spider patterns, fished quite deep using a small bead-headed nymph on the point to pull the flies down.
It was nice to catch a few fish.
I am ready to go back to work now though, and wait for more clement weather.
I have a painting done of the pond in marlay again, I captured the wet grey day quite well. I painted it in oils, it was nice to get back to them again after using the acrylics..