Saturday, March 29, 2008

The season is well under way....

I may take a trip down the country next week, but I have a couple of Fishing competitions in the next fortnight, so I will be busy with them. Of course I've had a couple of days out this week too..... sucessful ones on the lake. I am due to fish a river competition tomorrow, but with heavy rain yesterday, last night and more today, things are not looking good. The river will be high and coloured at best, in a full filthy flood at worst. This means the fishing will be extremely hard or a waste of time....mind you it will sort the men from the boys, only the boys will bother turning up! :lol:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Fishing for brown trout again...

Iwas out fishing yesterday morning. It was the first time since my last post as the weather has been less than suitable. We had clear skys for a change yesterday, although with strong winds. The conditions were only just fishable with the fly rod. I did manage a few trout though. I hooked one fish about 1.5lbs, solidly in the root of the pectoral fin...I thought I had a big one on! The fish took a run of about 30 yards when I hooked it, then was able to kite across the waves when I tried to gain some line back.......ahh well, it fought like a six pounder. I left about 12.30, there were ominous dark clouds approaching. About 10 minutes after I got into the van to come home the heavens opened with heavy rain and sleet, driven by the strong winds. It pays to watch the weather, and a half days fishing was preferrable to half a days fishing and a drenching in icy conditions. For information on my Painting click here

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Another successful day on the lough.

I fished the opening day on lough Lene in Westmeath yesterday. Conditions were hard with the weather cold and with strong blustery winds. I did manage to get one good fish, just short of 2lb, and missed another couple, the main reason being that it was difficult to control the flies in the surface in the strong blustery wind. The Claret Dabbler worked again, although I'd tried half the flies in my fly box prior to getting a fish.

I don't expect to be out again for a while, we are due to have a cold snap with snow and strong winds. It won't be good fishing weather.