Monday, May 28, 2007

I have to get back to business.... I need to focus on work....and the upcoming national qualifiers on June 9th. I may be lucky enough to qualify, I seem to be reaching top form again in the fishing even though I don't really try that hard. The fact that I don't put myself under so much pressure probably will help too. I will be going out to enjoy myself and qualify if I can, but I will not be working 100% to get the result. I will try to get one days practice, but I am not going to spend days flying around the lake looking for fish....if my boat partner has done that on the day....all well and good...but I'm not going to worry about it. I know the venue, and can usually find fish. If someone else finds more so be it.
I am in the middle of a couple of paintings, I will try to finish them this week.

Monday, May 21, 2007

I didn't quite make the headlines yesterday...but thanks for a great photograph Mick! I'm a handsome devil by times...
I was out on Lough Lene with Noel and Eoin (Long Jnr.) yesterday. We caught plenty of fish but sadly we didn't get any big ones- they were all in the 3/4 to 1- 3/4 mark. I felt sure we would pick up a couple of bigger fish in the conditions, alas we didn't. Ah well back down to earth with a bump...I'm off to create some art now, my studio awaits. My public alas have departed, I'm yesterdays

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I am just back from two days on lough Corrib. The conditions were hard with a flat calm on Tuesday and blustery wind and rain on Wednesday. The mayfly hatches were poor to non-existent. The poor weather during the hatches previous years seem to have affected the numbers of fly hatching. I did manage a few fish but none of any great size, I am glad I didn't go for the full week in a way, I am tired enough as it is. I'm off to work for a holiday!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I am just back from Lough Ennell. I was right, there were only eight fish weighed in by 115 anglers. I just happened to have TWO of them :). Obviously I won, I also had the heaviest fish as well as the heaviest bag. My two fish were fractionally over 3lbs and 2 lbs each. It's nice to be provincial champion again, it's a few years since I have had the honour, and now I have won both the TAFI and ITFFA championships. I am feeling a little bit smug at the moment. I'm just off to glow....

Friday, May 11, 2007

Hello again...

I have been conspicuous by my absence.....I have just been occupied on other things.
It can be hard to make time to post on the blog. I am barely able to keep check of my emails at the moment. It takes time to wade through all the spam....I considered getting a spam filter, but I think it discourages casual enquiries, and the last time I had one on I was missing emails that were being sent, so I was having to wade through the spam anyway!
I am due to fish the Leinsters on Sunday, but I haven't had a chance to get out and practice, but the competition is on Lough Ennell so I think it's going to be a bit of a lottery anyway, there won't be too many fish weighed in. It will be a case of if you get a chance and take it you will have a good chance of qualifying. One fish is likely to do it, the last time they had to draw a couple of places. I like Ennell for the competitions though, I invariably pick up a fish when needed, but saying that I also fail to catch on a fairly regular basis as do most anglers on Ennell.
Wish me luck...

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Time is flying by...
I have little to report, I have been doing some plien air painting, in fact I will shortly be going out again to work on one I had started last week. The sunshine is keeping me outside.