Thursday, September 08, 2005

A Descision has been made.

Enough said about the Qualifier............

Not a lot done today either.

I'm determined to get stuck in tommorrow and come up with something concrete work wise. This dithering is sending me around the bend! I have decided to go with my original leaning, ie. water studies, the work from the featherbeds doesn't really suit this time of year anyway, I might look back again come spring.

Here are two of the featherbeds paintings that I was talking about.

What I have decided to do is work on from my water studies and try to develope the theme further with greater detail in below the water surface again while still capturing the movement and life of the surface layer. I am including a few photos of the earlier water paintings to give you an idea of what I am starting out from.

here are some of them:
As you can see they are varied, but all from the same studies, except the top left blue one.

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TeAnne said...

I like these paintings Greg