Friday, September 02, 2005

I find myself in a quandry, I'm tired, in fact almost exhausted most of the time, I know I have some kind of a bug. My quandry is after a 7 month recovery after major surgery last year I'm reluctant to give in again. The thoughts of being ill or should I say not well are causing me to keep pushing on. I know I should see a doctor and get whatever I need to clear the bug or similar up but at the same time I hate the thought of being told to rest for a week or two. It's an irrational fear I know, I can always refuse to rest!!!
I keep putting off the making of an appointment for the doctors clinic. " I'll probably be over it tomorrow, etc."

It is the male psyche. Strong Independant courageous...silly stubborn daft to you females out there... I have promised to call the doc on Monday if I'm still the same.

I refused a commission today, the prospective commissioner was very detailed in exactly what she wanted me to paint, how she wanted it painted and what colour it should be......I came to the conclusion she wanted to be the Artist herself but get someone else to do the painting.
I politely told her she really wanted a Commercial Artist, not an Artist per se. and that she was paying for my ideas more so than my technical ability. Her reply? I want an Investment piece of Art!

She didn't seem to realise that artistically valued work needs artistic value put into it by the Artist not just the painting itself or the signature. How does interior decorating by greg long sound? Mind you it would be more profitable.

Finally my thought for the day, I wonder if the weather will hold until Tuesday. The light on the lake is good at the moment..... no I'm painting, not fishing!

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