Monday, September 12, 2005

A Good Day's Work, and a visit to the Doctor.

I got snaffled!
Doctors appointment made for me, chest x-ray and booked in for a barrage of blood tests.
Leaving that aside, I had a fairly good day in the studio, the work to the right is just about finished. (excuse the vertical line, I had to marry two seperate pics) The size is 12 inches square. Titled "Summer Canal", it is not where I intend to go with the next couple of pieces but I feel it is finished. I intend to create more life in the water surface for the others, but I enjoyed the light and interest with the two fish in this piece. The mushrooming blanket weed made a nice counterpoint to the underwater view, tying down the surface into a flat plane, while the shadows of both the weed and the fish create the depth. The only difficulty with this painting was the balance of warm and cool creating the waters coolness while still allowing the summer day's warmth to show. The generous amount of green in the painting helps with this though, green growth in the water always suggest summer.
I have two other 12 inch square works going at the moment, I want to work on the smaller size until I am sure of the direction in which I'm going. As I said I'm caught between two stools at the moment, so I don't want to get adventurous with large canvases yet.

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