Friday, September 30, 2005

despairing of success.....

I am still at a dead end work-wise. I sometimes feel that I'll never paint, or, at least I won't paint good art. I can always produce sketches etc. I want to make Art though. A painting should tell a story, not just depict a scene. The story may be superficial or deep, but it should be there.

I want to express myself.
I can only paint at the moment. Nothing Interests me enough to allow me to be creative with it. How can I make a painting interesting when I'm not interested in it in the first place? I spend time in my studio but I'm just filling time, I can't get that spark. I now have reached the stage where I no longer want to go in the studio, my break has not helped but all the sketches etc. have had no Interest for me, though I'm sure I'll use them sometime.

The search for a cheap servicable couch/sofa has not gone well....just because I want one there are none to be found...all the students have bought them up! I can't advertise for a model until I have something suitable for the model to park herself on... I'd never get our (household) large sofas up the stairs into my studio, I need a lighter one. I saw a lovely wing-backed armchair today, but they wanted Antique prices for it...I wasn't that daft!

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