Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A trip up North, through Armagh and Antrim

I took a trip up to Coleraine today. It's been a while since I was up that far. Usually when I do go up it is either Dark, raining or both. Today it was a glorious day, and the scenery was idyllic, past the cooley mountains, up through the mourne mountains,
past Divis mountain
and on towards Coleraine. I didn't manage to get to the coast though, I'd like a chance to explore the area more but I am usually pushed for time as it is nearly a 5 hour drive up...and the same back, 10 hours driving doesn't leave a lot of time for sight seeing.
I am not going to stay on the computor long either, I did all the driving and am extremely tired.
Maybe next year I'll travell north for a few days of painting. I have a friend living in Antrim and havent visited in a while. I am due to travel up again next week and will be staying overnight, maybe I'll get to visit on the way home.

top pic, Mourne mts. bottom pic Divis

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