Thursday, September 01, 2005

Exhaustion and exhausts, luck or lack

I have been working very hard for a while and combined with our weather (warm and extremely humid) I am very tired, and looking forward to a rest. I have a couple of busy days ahead though. I need to make a few euros too, my exhaust on the van developed a hole. It's just cost me 240 euro (about $310) to fix it. AAAAArrrrggh! I wonder what no 3 will be? First it was the computor, next my van........ funds are depleted, not quite exhausted but close.
I don't know if I'm lucky in that I always manage to make a few $$$$ before I need them, or unlucky in that whenever I make a few $$$$ something crops up to take it away again!
Optimism or pessimism?

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