Friday, April 13, 2007

Here I am, Two weeks after my last post......Time has flown by! I have been busy with the Easter weekend and rebuilding my garden pond. I even played with a mini
The pond is not finished yet but it is almost there. I need to do some finishing and some planting. I will probably put fish in next week. Talking of fishing I have been, last week I took a trip locally and then up to the upper liffey. I have not done much painting, but I have been taking gallons of water out of my studio with two de-humidifiers, about 2 gallons every 30 hours.....I didn't realise my studio was so damp!, I am still getting the same amount two weeks later. The weather for the last two weeks has been glorious, sunny and warm. It is forecast that this will continue for another week too. I am enjoying it while it lasts, although the garden renewal is stopping me sunbathing......
I will try to post a little more often again, hopefully I will get back to normal soon.

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