Friday, May 19, 2006

Greg Long, Artist and Angler

Greg Long, Artist and Angler

I'm off to the west for a week...of fishing!, and maybe a little painting..I am taking a couple of canvases etc. just in case I have time to do a few plien air studies..possibly from the lakeshore house we have for the week. Obviously I wont be blogging for the next week...but I'll let you all know how I got on upon my return..
I still have a few messages to run, hooks to buy (for fly-tying) spools of line for cast, a few other last minute jobs need doing too....but mowing the lawn won't be one of's still wet and miserable...good grass growing weather, my lawn will be 12 inches high when I get back!!
see you then.

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Unknown said...

Hello Greg, It's been awhile since I've jumped to your blog. I enjoyed catching up with you. You do have a talent for writing, along with painting and fishing. I do admire the paintings from 5/2/06.

I hope you enjoyed your fishing trip and that you caught something!