Monday, May 29, 2006

Lough Corrib mayfly trip..

Well as promised..but a little late..I managed to catch fish every day exept Sunday...but I didn't even venture out on Sunday, the high winds made it too dangerous to go out on the lough. We had winds and some rain, but a big wave all week exept on saturday & buzzer fishing was only possible on these two days. I managed to get a few fish too, only one was big 4lb+ but I was broken once and lost another good fish behind the boat. I fished dry mayflies most of the other time, with quite a bit of success, though no big fish landed, a few hooked and lost. Finally on Friday, the dry flies seemed to stop working, so after a couple of hours I switched to wet flies and managed to winkle out 3 fish. I learnt that evening that most anglers had struggled to catch on Friday, so 3 was a good result, even though it was my worst day. I saw a lovely 11.5 pound trout caught on the fly on Thursday, definitly a fish of a life-time, these fish are usually only caught by trolling dead baits. Saturdays river competition was not a good one for me. I managed quite well for the first two sessions but blanked in the third...and after that I did not really try in the fourth...the blank had already destroyed my chances of qualifying anyway. I was too tired by the afternoon anyway, so with no hope I decided to relax for the last session. It is 9 am monday morning now, so I am off to the studio to work on some paintings... I did a little when I was over in the west, and I want to do some work on/from them..I can't find my camera againto take any where did I leave my head??

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