Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I have been organising bits and pieces today, running around from a to b to c to d etc. I'm exhausted...LOL. I dropped into the studio to collect 3 paintings for delivery for a show 1st thing Thursday morning, as I won't have time tommorrow. I am going up to Cavan tommorrow to do some repairs to two club boats, getting them ready to go out onto the Lough (Sheelin). It will be a full day....of course I'll get a couple of hours fishing in too.....never waste a trip is my motto.
I will have to start getting more organised next week...my fishing trip is getting close and I need to get everything in order before I dissappear..I also need to get a supply of hooks etc. to tie flies I might need during the week. We set up tying benches on arrival at the rented house. When we find a fly that works we tie up a dozen for the next day every evening. They soon get damaged when catching fish..also dry flies tend to get drowned in a good wave so you need plenty of spares. I have a group show opening on Friday, I'm hopeful that I might get a sale or two from the 3 paintings I'm leaving in. They include these two

green reeds 20X30 inches Canal Roach 12X 12

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Kazumi said...

I love these paintings. I was reading Wet Canvas and saw you were talking about your blog. So I came to say Hi. It is like a diary - my blog never seems to last. You must be doing something right.