Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I spent most of my morning running around doing errands...posting letters & a parcel, lodging to the bank, collecting materials, visiting the recycling bank. At lunch I delivered a painting and eventually arrived at the studio for the second time....I had to go off before getting out of the van the first time.... with a load of materials, my paints etc from the Corrib trip, a few paintings all in the back....and I hadn't got keys to the studio! DOH!!!!. So all in all nothing got done in the studio today. I spent a few minutes fertilising some of my Strelitzia or Bird-of-paradise flowers this evening, at the moment I have three flowering bracts and one more to come soon. Although they are all in the one pot I think there are a couple of different parent plants in is unlikely the whole plant was from one when I bought it as there were about eight or nine seperate I am hoping to get some home grown seeds. I planted seeds acouple of years ago and those plants are doing well, I may get flowers in a year or two from these (3-5 years normally)
I am leaving you with a photo I took of Lough Sheelin..... a warm 'buzzer' evening...just before the thunderstorms...

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