Monday, May 08, 2006

A rainy day with some nice suprises...

The weather today was very poor, it started out with cloud so low it was like fog. The cloud did lift throughout the day...but as the cloud lifted the rain got heavier, and heavier, and heavier..
The sky has started to clear now though, the rain has stopped and light is threatening to break through the clouds which are now at a high level.
Work wise I didn't accomplish much, mind you I didn't really try and I'd a few calls from old friends I hadn't heard from or contacted in never ceases to amaze me how these things often happen in groups. I was intending to call one of them myself, so we could tie up a get-together over the summer..
I am taking part in a small group exhibition at the weekend, but it is in an un-tried venue, so it may be good or it could be a disaster...I have plenty of work though and I don't need to lay out a load of money on frames...most of what I'll show will be gallery-wrap canvas'. So although the venue is a risk, financially it won't cost much to try it. Added to that the commision rate is very small so I may just make some money out of it. I also got a contact in a new (to me) gallery...and a lead in as much I was given the name of the new owner of a Pub that is being renovated and may be looking for paintings for the walls....It will be worth following up, but I'm not counting any chickens...

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