Thursday, May 04, 2006

much ado about very little..

I spent the day in my studio...using a brush, but varnishing!..all the paintings that were lying around un-varnished got a coat of retouching varnish, and one or two got a coat of finishing varnish. I did a few working sketches too. I didn't start anything as I am tied up at home tomorrow, a man is coming to install a new broadband-internet provision for me. I'm hopeing that it will be more reliable than the one I have, as the present one can be as slow as dial-up at times.
I don't expect there will be too much of a delay in having it installed but we are getting a wireless installation so we can use more than one computer on it, so there may be teething troubles. I will be keeping the current provision until the end of the month anyway.
Tomorrow evening the group show is being opened so I'll head over for that in the evening when Christine gets home.
Tonight, I am considering going out, but I am expecting a buyer to come and collect a painting this evening, if they don't arrive until late I may have to cancel the "lads night out"....
speaking of which, the lads have kept tonights venue quiet....Stephen forgot to call me back....again....if I didn't know that he always forgets to return calls I might think it was intentional....I'll get a call about 9 when he remembers as he leaves the house..of course it's probably the usual venue...if it was somewhere different he'd have called to see if I wanted to suggest somewhere.
I have a Wren nesting by the back door, it is nice to see him going in and out....scolding all and sundry when he can see them in the area as he waits for your dissapearance before entering the nest site. The Blackbird that has the nest out the front is singing away to his hearts content while his mate sits on the nest below. The two montana Clematis' are flowering, the pink version along the backgarden wall, and the slightly later white one is starting to bloom in the tall silver birch tree. Spring is definitely here....and the lawn needs mowing again!

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