Wednesday, May 03, 2006

washed out...

I spent the day up at Lough Sheelin working on the boats in as much as we could. It decided to rain, heavily, with a driving wind...needless to say no painting (of boats) was done. At least they are ready for the paint. We repaired any leaks with fibreglass resin. Replaced any screws that were loose, wire brushed and sanded the woodwork, and finally moved the boats over to the water, ready to be slipped in after painting. On the way home we had a look at the River Blackwater, it was too windy to fish the lough, and found it high and colouring with all the rain, so we didn't fish but came straight find Dublin dry and sunny!!!


Dominic and Tracey Long said...

Hi Uncle Greg! It's your niece. Laura. How r u all? We're all fine ovr here. I've been looking @ your blog, and I think it's terrific!
I miss u a lot, but I'll b seeing u vry soon when I com 2 Ireland (with Dad) in July!!
Talk 2 you soon,


Dominic and Tracey Long said...

Good to hear what going on - we liked some of your paintings and I was going to buy one until I saw the prices on your web page!!! Some of them are very good - myelf and Tracey both very much like the one tagged onto your April 29 blog - keep up the good work and thanks for replying to Laura.