Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I am due to go to Sligo today, we intend to go and visit our cottage near Geevagh. I assume it's still standing...one of these days I hope to get stuck in and do some renovations. It is a standard three room traditional rough stone cottage standing on 2.5 acres with a small trout stream bordering it. It needs running water, plumbing, rewiring (started) and new windows & doors...but on the plus side it's bought and paid for and is increasing in value all the time. We bought it prior to my first collapsed lung, when I was much fitter and able to do most of the work myself. I'm hoping I may get that full fitness back and do some of the work, or we may decide to sell it as it is and look abroad for another holiday home. The cottage is just down the road from both lough Allen and Lough Arrow so was ideal as a base for my fishing, while at the same time is still only 20-30 minutes away from Boyle and Carrick-on-shannon, both hives of interest to non anglers as is the nearby lough Key with its forest park. I have photos somewhere but I'll have to look for them...mind you if we do get there today I'll take some more. At the moment we are watching the weather, rain is looking ominous, and there isn't much point going up in rain as it is a long drive, and in the rain can prove very tiring. So I'm just waiting for a weather forecast..

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