Saturday, February 04, 2006

Another fruitful day, painting in the studio

I had a busy day in the studio again. When I went in I reworked the brick buildings, adding texture to the walls, so that they will be dry before I move to the roof tiles. That done, I did a lot of work on the foliage behind the rear of the garden, along with an overpainting of the 3 palms in the corner of the garden itself. I also brightened the lemons around the boundary wall. I added more darks to the foliage below the eucalyptus and added 2nd & 3rd layers around the pond area. I also reworked the Orangerie and added the foliage and a few oranges to the pots.
I then worked the trees centre left, the nearer tree will be the next item worked on after I finish the palms. Three of which have the darks added,

and I totally finished the main central one. Another day and I think the piece will really take shape. I know what I want, and I hope it will come together very shortly.

The next step will be the sky after the palm trees, followed then by the final work to the skyline andthe roofs. That will only leave the gravel areas and minor adjustments, before I finish with the window frame on the right hand side.

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