Monday, February 06, 2006

I did some work today, but again I'd forgotten my camera!!. Briefly, I finished the main foliage areas in the center of the canvas, leaving just the palm tree on the bottom right and the portion at the bottom left. I also did more work on the buildings and roofs. I think I will rework the sky in the morning and then continue with the buildings. I am happy so far, but the straight lines on the buildings are so weariesome..I hate straight lines..LOL..
One small problem is that the canvas is a little too slack for the fine line work that I need to do on the roofs etc. so I may need to tighten it again unless the weather warms up and does it for me.

I should have pics tommorrow..but I have my van booked into the garage tomorrow morning for a service, then I need to get it certified as roadworthy again so I can tax it,.....more expenses..

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