Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yesterday was spent having my Van serviced and roadworthiness test done. It passed with flying colours thank god!. I couldn't afford to replace it at the moment. I never did get back to the studio, by the time all was done it was 4.30, by the time I would have got to the studio it would have been after 5 pm. Today I was helping out a friend, as I am booked to do tommorrow Friday is the first chance I'll get to work in my studio. I will have to Tax my van first, as it is due over 1 month ago...but I needed to get the Roadworthiness certificate to tax it...yet I still had a month on my cert when I went to tax it...but the minimum taxable time is 3 months and they wouldn't tax it over the cert!!
Bureacracy gone mad as usual, I paid to have the test, now I'll have to pay to have the cert issued...then I can pay the tax and arrears...on top of insurance, running costs, god knows how much duty on's a neverending money pit.... By the way, Fuel prices here are about 1.05-1.09 Euro a litre about $1.30 per litre or $6 a gallon.... enough now I'm getting depressed...

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