Saturday, February 18, 2006

Happiness is....

I have done a lot of work to my Castri window painting, but I forgot my Camera again!!
I am almost finished. I have reworked the sky, reworked most of the buildings and finished the garden. I even have done work on the 'window' to the right.
I know I am 'there'.........It has come together........I am very happy with it.

I will photograph it on Monday..(unless I'm up in the studio tomorrow) and upload a pic. I will leave the details of what has been done until then.
I will probably go see my Mother tomorrow as I have neglected her this week...I've had a busy week. On Monday I need to go into a gallery to organise a group show, and I need to get a bottle of liquin. A few canvases or maybe some timber for another large stretcher won't go amiss either.

Until Monday....

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