Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Painting & Poker night.

I forgot the camera on Wednesday!!, and I did not manage to get to my studio today. I recieved a phone call from a friend this morning that required my assistance for the day. So assistance was given of course. However I'm looking forward to getting stuck in to my painting tomorrow.. I have the sky repainted, it still requires more work though, and part of the garden and trees re-done, in fact some are almost finished. I have to start on the buildings tomorrow though as it will take quite a while to do them. I hate straight lines...LOL. I have just stuck the digi camera in my pocket so I will have it tomorrow.

Oh! the poker classic... I survived for the first half, but near the final group I was quite low on chips so I had to get reckless for the last couple of hands to earn enough chips for the final round (there was no point in starting off in trouble). I lost. But I did enjoy myself and still got most of my entry fee back as I'd taken a few scalps on the way, and each scalp was worth a few euros..
Mind you I spent quite a bit on a few beers too, but a good night out was still under 40 euro, and a few laughs as well. ....yeah! I don't take the poker too seriously... not any more anyway..I like to have fun. Gambling doesn't pay, so I expect to loose what I gamble with, so losing doesn't hurt and I can enjoy the craic- Irish for fun- ... ce la vie....

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