Monday, March 05, 2007

I still cant read blogspot blogs but here's hoping everyone else can

Blogspot still has issues with access for some areas.........hopefully not for much longer and I know my posts are loading.

I have been busy working in my studio, I have a painting almost finished and another progressing nicely. I am finding it easier to work at the moment, my creative juices are flowing and the work is going well. The switch back to oil paints has helped too. I love the feel of them although the drying time is a drag sometimes. I have photos taken but I have not uploaded them into my computor and I'm using a notebook at the moment with no programme to take the photo from my phone. I will show them later. I will be in the studio again tomorrow....I can't wait to get back to the painting I am working on at the moment, hopefully it will continue to go well. I may start another in the afternoon, if the other two are unworkable, but I have to organise myself for a meeting on wednesday morning, so I may not get the time.
It is great to find the works progressing easily (relatively) again. I have been struggling for such a long while...I am due a few easy ones I think..I am hoping it continues for a while, and, I am still happy with them next week...:lol:

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