Sunday, March 18, 2007

Spring time is here...

Another week gone by, time is flying.
Tuesday's fishing was a bit disapointing....very disapointing in fact, we fished Blessington/Poulaphouca reservoir. There was not a sign of a trout. We did a bit of trolling for Pike too, but with no success.
I have not really done much painting in my studio, It really needed tidying up so I got stuck in to that. I was watching the rugby yesterday, the Irish team threw away the championship, that after throwing away the French match for the grand-slam earlier, it is a pity as the team were probably the best of the championships. Ireland beat Pakistan in the Cricket yesterday!!!
miracles do happen! but the team played well to get the win, not bad for the minnows of the competition.

I am feeling guilty for not doing any work, so I will probably be in the studio today. I need to keep working to keep the momentum up. Hopefully it will be a productive day.

I am looking out of the window at trees in blossom,Forsythia, cherry, acacia and magnolias. while in my ear the birds are singing away...spring is definitely here...I hope the warmth comes with it soon.

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