Sunday, March 25, 2007

Spring is back....for a while a least.

Yesterday was a lovely spring day, warm, sunny, almost balmy. Today is overcast again but the temperature is still up from last week. I am having a lazy day today, I was partying last night and as a result I don't feel very energetic.
I will probably look after my plants in the conservatory later though, they are looking a bit neglected. I am still getting new strelitzia plants germinating, and I have only lost two of those transplanted which is very good considering I am having to transplant the seedlings before they get true leaves ( I planted the seeds in shallow starter trays). Next time I will sow the seeds in paper or peat based plugs that can be put into larger pots without disturbing the seedlings. I have one strelitzia in bloom, and 6 flower stems still forming on the plant so I should have some seeds for next year too.
I have been busy painting some small studies this week. They went quite well. I should be fishing today, but I was not really fit to travel this morning, between the late night and the clocks going forward last night. I would probably have failed a breathalyzer test if I had driven so I erred on the side of caution.

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