Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Bah humbug....I've a fault on/in my camera...took more pics today..connected to the PC...and ziltch, zero, nada, nowt....The camera shows I have pics, but the pc can't find them.
Aside from that I reworked areas of the 3rd painting...the one you can't see anyway, and I still hate it!. It is looking increasingly likely that the piece will be destroyed....I spent some time doing a few little studies too, just to loosen me up.
I am thinking of getting stuck in to a large work again. The large canvas has a hypnotic effect on me...I keep picking it up, setting it on an easel and then remembering I have no plan for it! It's wierd!. The canvas was on the easel 5 times today, twice without me even realising I'd put it up.

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