Friday, April 28, 2006

Spring-time, and the grass is a growing....

I have had another busy least I was rested after Thursdays fishing...not a lot of excitement anyway. I did catch two small fish, but that was as good as it got. The weather was beautiful, light breeze, warm and broken cloud in the sky- just no fly life on the water, hence no sign of fish. I could have changed methods and flies a lot more if I was really chasing fish but I was enjoying the day anyway so I muddled along as I was, just searching out areas.
Today I was busy both in the studio and at home. I have to leave a few paintings in for an exhibition next week so I varnished them first thing at the studio. I then cleaned and re-organised my palette, brushes etc. and they are ready for a good start in the morning. I reraligned the current painting, and I am now looking at it as a backdrop to a nice still-life type painting of either bamboo, birch or a contorted hazel....or something similar anyway. I am going to have a long look at it tomorrow in between working on a new idea.
Coming home from the studio I noticed with the warmth the grass was high again already, so lo and behold, out comes the mower, lawn is now cut, hedge cutting done, shrubs pruned, edges trimmed and I can ignore the garden for the weekend....unless of course Christine decides to buy bedding plants etc for more tubs. I do have 160 iris and Gladioli bulbs to plant too......aaaaargggghhhhhhhh.

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