Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bills- some come in, some go out...I'm going fishing..

I had a busy day today, I didn't manage to get into the studio at all. I spent the day chasing money.... It has to be done, it's nearly the end of the month and I needed to get some cash to lodge into the bank...bill time in a week!! I like to have funds available when my direct debits go is expensive otherwise, between referral charges bookies, banks never lose money themselves...The good news is I can lodge tomorrow before I go fishing.
It is an uncomfortable job looking for payment, I no longer feel embarrassed about asking for it, but I still feel I shouldn't have to. If payment is due, I pay it, unless I can't afford to at the time- then I tell the creditor prior to delaying it and apologise. I would expect the same consideration but alas no.. Have you noticed it's usually the ones who can afford to pay on time don't? Rant over...apart from that, it was nice to have conversation with others too. Studios can get very of the drawbacks of being an Artist. I have checked my emails etc, so I'm finished for the day. I'm going to make a nice cup of Tea, sit down, relax, think about dinner, (maybe make it) and watch the goggle box for half an hour or so......I'm feeling very lazy now, the difficulty I'm having breathing tends to tire me. I'll take my inhaler.

Tomorrow I am going off to lough Ennel with Noel....hopefully we will get a few fish. Catch you when I get back...and let you know if I catch a few fish..LOL.., but these are some of the flies I'll use, the top 4 are skinny buzzer nymphs with holographic cheeks, red underneath a clear/pearl covering that creates the impression of gas in the hatching pupae casing. The lower two flies are cul-de-canard hatching olives, dry flies that immitate the hatching upwinged olives, I also have some standard dry olives too, but I tied these up during the week as I didn't have any 'trapped' emergers tied up. The buzzers were tied with an underlay of lead foil to give them extra weight so they sink faster, the actual size of the fly in the center is 12 mm (1/2 the size of the picture on my monitor) so the actual sink rate of the flies needs to be a bit quicker when fishing from a drifting boat in a breeze.

Finally, Fishing can be dangerous...

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