Wednesday, April 05, 2006

SPEND! spend! spend! I'm Poorer by the day, at least today I am!

I did some work on the Walled Garden painting, but it is very slow, I get an hour if I'm lucky then a wind comes from no-where and tries to blow the lot over... & I need to re-adjust everything with the spring growth....... I don't know if I will get to finish it at this stage the garden is changing so fast.
I had to spend half the day getting a set of tyres on my van..badly needed. Tommorrow I have to go to Blessington to do some work on the Clubs Boat dock area..I picked up a few old tyres to use to wedge the boats upright while getting my new ones. I am working away on a few ideas all the time for paintings though.
I have been invited to take part in an international Art festival in Tunisia in September. It is a nice idea, a group of visual artists from differing countries, get together and work side by side, en plien air as it were and produce works over a ten day period, these works obviously can be seen as they progress, then we leave two works behind us, as a gift to the museum/gallery. All expenses bar flights are paid for by the organisers, hotels meals entertainments etc.. a nice idea.
I decided to go last night, so not one to let the grass grow I booked my flights. By travelling with a package holiday company, flight only, I got the flight for less than half price, & without two plane changes. I must remember that one! The down side is I have to stay a few extra days (3) but with rooms in the hotel at $20/ 15 euro I don't mind, I'm still saving 400 euro on the trip, and I will have a little holiday for myself for the last 3 days.

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