Saturday, April 29, 2006

I was awoken this morning, (well not exactly woken) by a knocking on our door...and surprise, Mother was standing on the doorstep. She had been at a party in town last night and decided to drop in on the way home..
Now home in 45 miles away... so she stayed awhile and spent time up in my studio with me, and walked around the Park and the market for a while. She then came home for a late lunch..I left the studio early, and she has just gone home..(5pm.)
Work wise I started a new piece, based on the view here, as painted a while back. I am intending to create much more interest in the water, and as the new work is 30 inches by 24 compared to the study 16 by 12, I have a lot more scope to work with. Walking down by the Pond now with the new growth the Harshness has gone, there are lots of fresh greens with the new leaves and the water is starting to take on a warm look. I will endeavour to take some photos next camera should be fixed..I can take pics with my phone, but it costs a fortune to email them to myself....I really must work out how to download them on to my PC.

The new painting is already looking a lot warmer than this study, even though I have only really put in my darks...but they are a warmer hue.
Now I am deciding whether to put my feet up or wander down to the river and take the dog for a walk...with a fishing rod of course...

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